The American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois on Friday took the state's child welfare agency to federal court to attempt to force the removal of all children in its care from a troubled Chicago psychiatric hospital after additional claims of sexual abuse there..

一名涉及19岁患者的性侵犯指控cited in the ACLU's emergency court filing,来作为Aurora Chicago Lakeshore Hospitalfaces intense scrutiny following a string of disturbing accusations of sexual and physical abuse.伊利诺斯儿童和家庭服务部每年将数百名儿童送往医院,relying on Lakeshore to treat those with severe mental illness who are sometimes turned away by other hospitals..

DCFS acknowledged Friday that it is also investigating a separate sexual abuse allegation,星期三进入国家热线,involving two patients,一名14岁男性和16岁变性女性,在医院里互相抚摸,据一位知情人士报道。女孩,who is the subject of a previous abuse allegation at Lakeshore,came to the an unaccompanied minor from Honduras and is in the custody of the federal government,records show..

That brings the number of DCFS investigations into accusations of abuse or neglect at the hospital to 18 since January.The agency has found evidence to support four of those allegations,while seven were found to be unsubstantiated.七例,including the two most recent reports,remain under investigation..

The new abuse allegations come after a manbetx贴吧 of moves designed to increase oversight at the facility followinga manbetx球迷互动 Illinois investigation late last monththat revealed problems at Lakeshore,包括有关儿童被患者和工作人员强奸或性虐待的指控,以及联邦监管机构威胁说将撤消医院的资金以解决安全问题。The Chicago Tribune published a separate investigation into the allegations..

"It only confirms the very deep fear that we have that there was inadequate supervision of youth at the hospital,and the time has passed to try to fix that problem,"ACLU总法律顾问Heidi Dalenberg说。"The only safe thing to do at this point is to remove the children.我们不能相信DCFS来监控这些孩子的安全。""

In response,DCFS said in court filings that it will provide round-the-clock supervision starting at 8 a.m.Saturday of children in its care at Lakeshore and that it"continues to work proactively"to move them out of the hospital..

"Although we don't know all of the facts regarding these incidents,we are increasing our staff presence at the hospital to provide additional supervision of the safety and care of DCFS youth,"Neil Skene说,special assistant to DCFS Acting Director Beverly"B.J"Walker..

More than 240 children and young adults in DCFS care have been admitted to the hospital this year.As of Friday,the agency said 13 remain,包括两名计划于周一出院的人和六名已经出院但无法离开医院的人,因为医疗机构没有找到他们要去的地方。.

This has been an ongoing problem for the agency,as documented in a Junemanbetx球迷互动 Illinois investigationthat found hundreds of children languish in psychiatric hospitals beyond what is deemed medically necessary..

At an emergency hearing in front of U.S.区法官Jorge Alonso星期五下午,DCFS and the ACLU could not agree on who should approve the transfers of the remaining children in the department's care at Lakeshore..

The ACLU,监测DCFS作为数十年的联邦法院同意法令的一部分,要求法院任命的一名专家和芝加哥伊利诺伊大学精神病学系的医生监督并批准转诊。The agency,根据律师的说法,does not want to cede that approval to someone outside DCFS..

ACLU的律师指出,DCFS以前与UIC签订合同,提供对治疗DCFS儿童的精神病医院的独立监测,but the department has moved away from outside oversight..

"The recent disclosures at the Hospital demonstrate the abject failure of that approach — indeed,the Department recently confirmed to Plaintiffs that it has no monitoring reports for Lakeshore for at least the last two years,"the filing states..

The two sides are expected to negotiate through the weekend and return to court early next week.They also must determine what to do if older youths in DCFS care check into the hospital on their own or if DCFS takes custody of a child already at the hospital..

Under growing pressure from the ACLU,lawmakers and child welfare advocates,,m.7manbetx本月停止送孩子到医院;to permit an independent review involving children in its care at the facility;and to prioritize moving out children held at the hospital beyond what is deemed medically necessary..

涉及19岁的性侵犯指控发生在上周despite the fact that DCFS has been making daily visits to check on youth at Lakeshore,尽管湖岸的行动目前正受到州和联邦当局的调查,"ACLU attorneys wrote in the filing..

The young woman was transferred to another hospital for an evaluation after she made the allegation.A DCFS worker wrote that the woman still needed to"通过她的揭露and the agency hadn't determined if it rose to the level of an investigation,records show.ACLU attorneys objected to this assessment..

"它应该总是被调查,"ACLU律师Claire Stewart说。.

No details about the alleged assault were available,but the court filing said there was evidence to show the woman had been previously sexually abused and had a history of more than 25 psychiatric hospitalizations at 10 different hospitals..

The report involving the two teens alleges that they fondled each other this month under a blanket in a the day room while a staff member was present,according to a source with knowledge of the allegation.DCFS is investigating the hospital over inadequate supervision..

Among the four substantiated cases of abuse are a report that a 17-year-old boy fondled a 12-year-old boy and tried to inappropriately touch several other patients,according to confidential records obtained by manbetx球迷互动 Illinois.在另一个实实在在的事件中,a 17-year-old boy said workers dragged him to his room,pinned him down and left him with bruises and a bloody mouth,records show.DCFS is investigating another allegation involving the 16-year-old transgender girl who was the subject of the hotline call this week.She also reported that she had sex with another patient at the hospital last summer..

Skene said DCFS has assigned one administrator to oversee all pending investigations at Lakeshore"to ensure consistency and to help us go beyond individual incidents and explore any patterns that cause concern for the safety of youth at the hospital.""

在星期五的电子邮件中,Lakeshore Hospital CEO David Fletcher-Janzen said the hospital provides"the best care to the most vulnerable people."医院官员没有对涉及个别病人的指控作出回应。.


Under the threat of court action this month,DCFS agreed to provide reports to the ACLU and a court-appointed expert within 24 hours of its daily visits to the hospital.The allegation involving the 19-year-old surfaced in one of those reports.But Dalenberg criticized the agency for not immediately notifying the ACLU of the allegation..

The Cook County acting public guardian,Charles Golbert,who appeared at Friday's hearing,said the overarching concern is the department's lack of placements for children who need them,particularly those who are trapped in psychiatric hospitals after they have been cleared for release.27年前,DCFS签署了同意法令。他说,and by doing so made a promise to create the services and placements for children in its care..

"It's been decades,"Golbert说。"And kids are still waiting.""

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